Residential Cleaning

Cleaning Angels offers quality cleaning service to our residential customers. No matter what you’re in or when you are going to start, we can assure you that our latest equipment, reliable, trained & friendly staff and strict quality control will meet your requirements. Cleaning Angels in Kelowna is about safely and effectively cleaning your home or office without using the toxic chemicals that have been used in traditional cleaning. Many of these traditional products have been linked to ADHD, reproductive disorders, and even cancer.

Cleaning Stove - Cleaning Angels Janitorial Services Ltd.
Vacuuming Floors - Cleaning Angels Janitorial Services Ltd.

Green Cleaning

Green Clean takes a holistic approach to green cleaning. We use only effective, non-toxic cleaning products and elbow grease instead of harsh chemicals. We use an industrial strength vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration, to capture 99.9% of pollen, pet dander and dust.

We use hygienic microfibre cleaning cloths and mops instead of traditional mops, dusters and sponges – and we colour code them to ensure that bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned with separate cloths to prevent cross contamination. By adapting microfibre cleaning technology, we have eliminated paper waste in our cleaning practices.


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