Carpet Cleaning

As part of our complete janitorial and cleaning maintenance program, carpet cleaning is one of the most important tasks.

Trough daily or weekly cleaning protocols, we remove the day to day dirt from the surface of the carpet, however, with the carpet in your home or business acting as a large filter, it’s important to ensure that you regularly maintain it to guarantee that it is properly doing its job and that the air that your breath is fresh!

Carpets receive a ton of wear and tear and while vacuuming can be an excellent way to pick up debris and bigger objects, it can often miss the fine things that are embedded into the carpets, which can be responsible for air quality, feel, and scent.

That is where carpet shampooing comes into play. During our original consultation, we can establish a frequency for this task as well to not only ensure that the day to day cleaning is being taken care of but also the maintenance of the carpet in the long run and the overall health of your building.

By performing a scheduled carpet cleaning, not only you ensure that your carpets look clean, but you also prolong the life of the carpet. Replacing floors can be a very expensive and time- consuming job, therefore our maintenance protocols are designed to help you care and maintain your building and all the surfaces in your building including carpet for as long as possible.

While having multiple companies for different task may have been the way to go in the past in an attempt to save money, our goal is to help you save money and time by having the schedule in place as part of our agreement and take away your worries so you can focus 100% on your business and enjoy the extra time you save by letting our Cleaning Angels take care of all your cleaning needs.